Hospital Admission

Dr Freeman currently performs joint replacement surgery at John Flynn Private Hospital, Tugun and Allamanda Private Hospital, Southport.

One of the secretaries will explain the hospital admission process, and you will attend the pre-admission clinic at the hospital to have the hospital ward processes explained. The secretary will also provide you with a written quote of the estimated costs of the procedure.

The pre-admission clinic at the hospital will provide advice on any equipment and arrangements required to permit safe discharge from the hospital. As the operating list is usually in the afternoon, patients are normally admitted to John Flynn Private Hospital and Allamanda Private Hospital the morning of their surgery, and will be advised when to cease eating and drinking and which medications may be taken.

Patients who are taking blood thinning or anti-inflammatory drugs will usually be advised to stop these medications between 7 and 10 days prior to the surgery, to avoid excess bleeding during and after surgery.

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