Do I need a Referral?

A referral from a medical doctor (GP or specialist) is required so that you may claim a rebate from Medicare. Without a referral you will not be able to obtain a rebate from Medicare.

What is required for my 1st consultation?

It is desirable to bring a referral from your general practitioner/other specialist, and any x-rays or scans you have had performed.

When having joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder) surgery what do I need to do?

Before undergoing your replacement surgery you will need to have routine blood and urine screenings and go to the pre-admission clinic where everything is organised for your admission to the hospital on the day of your surgery. An appointment will be arranged for you to see the anaesthetist prior to surgery.

Take any x-rays, scans and all your medications on the day of yur surgery. Remove all jewellery and do not take any valuables with you.

What do I need to take to Hospital for a day surgery procedure?

If you are having a procedure that is classified as day surgery you need to have your admission papers to the Day surgery facility one week prior to your surgery date. Bring all x-rays and scans and a list of all the medications you take with you on the day of your surgery. Take NO valuables with you. Remove all jewellery.

You are not permitted to drive after having your procedure.

How long will the joint replacement last?

The most recent previous joint replacements (from 1990) have lasted around an average of 15 years. The implant materials, including ceramics, metals and polyethylene, have improved significantly in the last 10 years and the expectations are that modern joint replacement, combined with better surgical techniques, will result in the joint replacements lasting longer.

There are many factors which may affect the longevity and function of a joint replacement, from positioning of the prostheses at the time of surgery, to the patient’s weight, age, bone quality, activity level and the type of activities the patient is likely to undertake.

Dr Freeman will be happy to talk to you and explain the pros and cons of the different ways the surgery can be performed plus the different prosthetic designs and materials, with reference to your specific situation.

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